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Cancellation / Exchange / Change of Address

Cancellation and Refunds:

48 Hour Grace Period
All orders are fully cancelable as long as the cancel request is received within 48 hours of the time the order is placed. After that cancellations will not be accepted. Please place your order responsibly ! There's a good reason for this policy.
  • All orders are pre-paid to our clearing house and we can not get refunds after an order is submitted. Therefore we can not issue a refund after an order is submitted to it.
  • To be fair to all our customers , we delay submission of orders for only 48 hours to ensure that YOUR subscription begins as quickly as possible.
  • We can offer these subscriptions because we have pledged that we will only process legitimate, pre-paid orders from consumers who are sure of what they want when placing orders. This saves time and money for all parties.
  • We CAN NOT be responsible if a publication ceases to publish , as we cannot get a refund either. Sometimes , the magazine will offer an alternative , but this cannot be our responsibility.
  • Any refunds made will be net of the price paid less any gift certificate face value used. Any outstanding gift certificate will or course be cancelled if a refund is made.

    The best suggestion is , if you desire to cancel after this grace period , is to transfer your subscription to someone else. In most cases the subscription can be transferred to another subscriber by contacting the publisher. If you do not have anyone else in mind to transfer your subscription to, you should consider transferring the subscription to the waiting room of your local hospital's emergency room or to a nursing home where there will be many appreciative readers. In order to do this simply call the publisher and request a change of address and recipient.

    Please order carefully !!!

  • Change of Address:
    We provide Change of Address service but the information has to go through our clearing house which can take as long as 12 weeks. We recommend strongly that you contact the publisher directly as the change can be made while you are on the telephone - this is the fastest easiest way and we recommend it.
    To reach a publisher, look inside the magazine , which usually contains the publisher's address or 800 number , or try to obtain its 800 number from 800 information ( 1-800-555-1212 ) or try searching for their contact information online.
    If you haven't received your first issue yet , you can also find the publisher's information by checking out a copy on the newsstand.
    When moving , you should notify the Post Office of your new address by completing a Change of Address Form indicating that you want your magazines and mail forwarded to your new address.
    United States Post Office Change of Address Service:
    Before you move, you should fill out the excellent automated Change of Address form of the USPS - your magazines will be forwarded for 60 days. You should also ask your mailman if he will be forwarding your magazines - if he says he won't do it you should write a letter of complaint to: Postmaster, Your City, Your Zip Code.

    Switching Magazines

    Once we have submitted your subscription to the publisher we can not change it to another magazine and can not cancel it as we have paid the publisher. Be certain that you want the magazine you order before ordering it. If you do not want to continue to receive the magazine, we suggest that you give the subscription to someone else - most publishers will permit you to change the person the subscription is sent to - to do this contact the publisher directly from the information published in the magazine.
    Currently we can offer delivery to United States addresses only. Yes, this DOES include the territories and commonwealths. ( American Samoa , Federated States of Micronesia , Guam , Marshall Islands , Northern Mariana Islands , Palau , Puerto Rico , Virgin Islands ).

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